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Sports Trivia Questions and Answers

There are many people who are pretty good at sports knowledge, but they have not tested it before.

Our amazing sports trivia questions and answers are a great source to test your sports knowledge and we will be able to know how proficient you are in this sports field. No never let you feel bored these sports trivia questions are fun-filled and challenging enough to test your enthusiasm and intelligence.

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Football Trivia Quizzes

Football trivia questions and answers.

Basketball Trivia Quizzes

Basketball trivia questions and answers.

Cricket Trivia Quizzes

Cricket trivia questions and answers.

Hockey Trivia Quizzes

Field Hockey trivia questions and answers.

Tennis Trivia Quizzes

Tennis awesome trivia questions and answers.

Golf Trivia Quizzes

Golf amazing trivia questions and answers.



Sport is a prime part of everybody’s life. People are grown up by admiring their favorite sports personalities and the sports they love the most.

Overall football is a sport which is most popular and players like RONALDO, RIVALDO and DAVID BECKHAM are the examples of football players who have millions of lovers around the globe. People not only love them they will follow them.

In cricket, SIR Viv Richards and SIR DON BRADMAN are the best sources of inspiration for young guns.


Normally when you meet your friends you use to play questions about sports games and at times the winner is the one who is a center of attraction and getting praise from everyone.

The same case is here once you will be successful through our sports questions and answers session you will be a hero of that time.

You will love to share your accomplishments with your friends, peers, and loved ones on social media platforms.


Are you a sports knowledge expert or just a beginner?

In our sports quiz questions, both beginners and experts can take part because we have used a blend of easy and hardsports trivia questions by considering the knowledge of our audience.

Indeed it will be great fun to test your skills and check how many answers you will be able to get right and how many of the answers you got wrong. These online multiple-choice sports trivia is for all like kids, high schoolers, teens or adults.

Don’t worry if you get it wrong then at the end of the day you will end up learning something exceptional.

It’s a fact that every topic has complexity and easiness and experts can win the competitions because they are genius enough to solve simple or complex, and current or recent sports questions and answers in no time.

This is possible after years of experience and continuous discussion on the same topic.

Our random fun sports trivia questions will be a combination of hard and simple facts which we will definitely ask you in a manner which you will enjoy a lot & we will share.

You will refer this to your friends and family who are experts like you to play our best sports trivia questions.

There are people who love sports, but their knowledge in sports isn’t too much awesome, but in our opinion, it’s really not a point of worry you can start with easy sports questions and once the flow is developed you can ask your sport genius friends to help you out so at the end of the day you will become a sports genius too.

Are you good enough in Anticipations?

In sports, sports lovers do anticipate the correct information about events and exciting happenings in sports.

For instance; Cricket lovers can anticipate the best future opening pairs by taking current statistics into consideration.

Good football lovers can also suggest the most successful future football by noticing the current form of different football players.

Our general sports quiz with answers will surely test your anticipations and people who are good at it will be on the winning side.

Use your prediction skills for the successful campaign.

Are you aware of famous events happening in the world’s sports?

Sports is full of many enthusiastic events and some extraordinary milestone achievement from our loved sports individuals.

With our easy and hard jeopardy sports trivia questions, your memory will be tested incredibly.

You will have to give your 100%. Keep memorizing and extracting the knowledge of the famous sports events for ultimate success.

In our good and obscure sports trivia game, our team has carefully analyzed the famous sports and added the categories accordingly. Some of those clever jeopardy categories are as follows.


Cricket is one of the sports which has an extremely awesome history and people do remember events and some of the great achievements from master class players like Sachin Tendulkar. We will test your cricket knowledge in an exciting way.


Golf lovers are usually people with great challenging nature. They really want to hit their target in style in no time.

Our quiz related to golf will challenge you with some exciting facts and figures about some of the renowned golfers and some unforgettable events.


Football is a game filled with great enthusiasm and a hunger to get successful. The information about events and personalities like RONALDO are well remembered.

We with the help of our trivia football quiz will test your knowledge and definitely we will be letting you know something new.

As you know that our common sports trivia questions and answers are completely free and a top-notch trivia quiz.


Are you getting your sports trivia questions free of cost?

Yes, indeed your craze for testing your sports knowledge will not cost you anything.

Our sports trivia questions and answers are absolutely free. You can enjoy it and share it with your friends.

We have covered every type of trivia question for everyone.

Are you able to download sports trivia questions on your PC?

You want to test your sports knowledge, but due to the busy schedule, you can’t do it now.

Is it the case? Don’t worry, our sports trivia questions and answers are downloadable and you can test your knowledge even if you are not connected to the internet- Yes on your personal computer.

Are you able to convert sports trivia questions and answers from one format to another?

You want to download amazing trivia questions, but the format is not as per your requirement. Don’t worry! We have enabled the conversion options so that you can convert it to a suitable format and use it accordingly.

Are you conveniently able to print your sports trivia questions and answers?

Definitely, our sports trivia questions and answers are printable and you can print it at your home and can convert your time to enlightenment.

Indeed our trivia sports questions and answers have divided them into different categories that our user likes the most.