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Movies Trivia Questions and Answers

Our movies trivia questions and answers are a great source to your showbiz knowledge and definitely a supreme value addition will be achieved once you complete our trivia movie questions and answers.

Our movies trivia questions and answers will test your movie knowledge regarding behind the scenes happening, box office performance of movies, quarrels between actors and actresses, box office, Oscars awards, and many more.

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The Lord of the Rings Trivia Quizzes

Lord of the Rings trivia questions and answers.

Star Wars Trivia Quizzes

Star Wars trivia questions and answers.…………………………

Harry Potter Trivia Quizzes

Harry Potter trivia questions and answers.

Pirates of Caribbean Trivia Quizzes

Pirates of the Caribbean trivia questions and answers.

Marvel Amazing Trivia Quizzes

Marvel trivia questions and answers.…………………………

Mission Impossible Trivia Quizzes

Mission Impossible trivia questions and answers.



Movies are a great source of entertainment, isn’t it?

In the Entertainment industry, movies are the field that is most delightful and trillions of viewers are anxiously waiting to see the best movie of their favorite actors.

In spare time many couples will love to go to the nearby cinemas to see some of their favorite movies.

It is true that having great fun with your loved one worth a million dollars and watching an interesting movie together is not really a bad idea. It will give you a real treat for sure.

Celebrities are the main center of attraction nowadays. Many of the fans are watching movies due to the star’s love and craze.

For example; Angelina Jolie due to her awesome acts and choice of her scripts to work on made her unique. Her thrillers and love stories have got mind-boggling fame.

The second example is Tom Cruise. Mission impossible is incomplete without him as his presence keeps the audience involved in the movie from start to interval and interval to the end of the movie.

Script/ story writers while commencing their work they do consider the persona of these artists so that movie will earn the greatest applause ever and super performer on box office.

When it comes to the size of the film industry Hollywood is the biggest of call and it’s true that Hollywood productions have viewers around the world.

History can tell us that Hollywood has produced numerous blockbusters and masterpieces that are saved in the memory of movie lovers all over the world.

Hence Hollywood movie producers are highly proficient enough to produce whatever viewers want to see and enjoy.

The producer no matter he/she belongs to any state or country whenever they are going to start a movie campaign they took similar Hollywood movies as a benchmark and hence they will be able to get success.

It’s a fact that making a movie isn’t a piece of cake. Scriptwriters have to do years of research for writing attention-grabbing stories, then the screenplay, dialogues, and artists are the most important components.

Even if one aspect is missing, the whole movie will be going towards horrible failure.

Nowadays movies are being taught in different universities around the world where different key aspects related to movies are included in the syllabus and the ultimate objective is to make them good movie makers, so we kind of introduced some famous movie trivia questions.

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In your spare time do you love to visit cinemas with your loved ones?

People who are fun lovers will definitely love to go and watch their favorite stars giving the best on-screen performances. Movies are a source of joy for everyone.

Are you a movie knowledge genius?

We have added the online trivial pursuit movies trivia about some incredible movies and screenplays with random movie trivia. Those having a piece of good knowledge of movies will have an incredible time with us and with our trivia on movies.

We have included a great blend of entertainment and funny type of obscure film quiz questions with the spices of easy movie trivia questions and also the hard movie trivia questions, and made it the best movie trivia possible.


Our modern movie quiz questions with multiple-choice questions and answers will definitely test your knowledge of movies. Who has been the best couple in the last 10 years?

Who is the best possible to win the Oscar this year?

Which are the best on-screen and off-screen couple? These all sorts of things are a must when you are going to take part in movie questions and answers competitions like our movie questions.

In our jeopardy questions about movies, we have all of the aspects regarding field knowledge and also about some of the unforgettable blockbusters, star couples, and many more in our movie trivia night questions which is completely free.


Thrilling movies never let their audience bore. The thrilling story let them use their mind and anticipation about what is coming next.


People at a young age love these stories the most. Most couples love to watch love stories together to recall their love memories.


Cinderella and many fantasy stories are the centers of attraction for young teenage groups. They love to see the fairylands and a prince saving a princess from the monsters.


Comedy movies are the stress killer. MR BEAN and many other comedians have done a great job to spread unstoppable laughs.

Our classic fun movie trivia will take you to the journey of movies you like the most.

Enjoy with us a phenomenal journey of movies of all eras.

Let the movie fun begin and entertaining activity is waiting for you.


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