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General Trivia Questions and Answers

With our general trivia questions and answers, you will be able to get in-depth knowledge on numerous general topics and after that when you take part in any general discussion with your peers you will definitely earn great attention and appreciation.

Definitely, this amazing quiz will be an awesome value- in addition to your knowledge base!

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Science Knowledge Trivia Quizzes

Science trivia questions and answers.…………………….

Art Best Trivia Quizzes

Art trivia questions and answers.…………………….

Music Amazing Trivia Quizzes

Music trivia questions and answers.…………………….

Geography Trivia Quizzes

Geography trivia questions and answers.

Food/Drinks Trivia Quizzes

Food and Drinks trivia questions and answers.

Health Amazing Trivia Quizzes

Health trivia questions and answers.…………………….



Do you want to boost your general knowledge skills & using Google all day long still doesn’t work?

Do you think your past winning history of trivia quizzes will help you?

Do you keep on researching new and popular general topics in your routine life?

Then believe us our fascinating general knowledge questions with answers will never let you down at all!

Check out our trivia game categories.


People do have great knowledge about entertainment and TV shows, but when it comes to general category questions like science, geography, and philosophy people are not very proficient enough in our basic general trivia game.

To overcome this our common general knowledge questions and answers are a great choice. It’s a phenomenal opportunity for you to test your knowledge with the help of highly useful general trivial pursuit questions.

We have aligned all of the useful questions to make an amazing series of questions in general knowledge quizzes with answers so that it will be quite convenient for you to find your area of interest.


The biggest competitive edge you will get from our trivia general questions is that if you take part in any general knowledge quizzes at the corporate and education level you will be in the right direction to the paths of ultimate success.

Our general trivia quiz is quite useful in the following ways:

  • These good general knowledge questions and answers can be easy general knowledge questions and answers also can be hard general knowledge questions, but will help you to get good marks in your general knowledge tests.
  • Our general knowledge trivia quiz helps you to keep your knowledge up to date.
  • Our intelligent questions and answers will increase your confidence in facing the audience.
  • The knowledge you gain from these hard and easy jeopardy questions will help you to assist your peers, mates, and siblings in the best possible way.
  • You will be a standout performer on several general knowledge competitions online.

Here are the examples of some categories we have tried to cover in this trivia general quiz.



Wait- Are you a science genius?

If yes it’s the best platform for you to test your science knowledge.

Once you finish you will have a better idea of how proficient you are in the field of science.

We have included several science methodologies, chemical reactions, and scientist’s information which are essential in the category of science.

Learning is the ultimate objective of our science trivia questions and we have used the fun style for engaging our audience.

An element of fun is only for maintaining your interest because at times the audience has started feeling bored, but we will keep you engaged in interesting ways to ask the questions.


Do you have good geography knowledge?

It’s great!

Our general knowledge trivia with answers contains useful information regarding the physical boundaries of the earth.

These sets of daily random trivia questions are specially designed for those people who are good at geography.

Experts can test their skills and beginners can increase their geography knowledge.

We have never ignored the fun element to give you an awesome time filled with eagerness and enthusiasm.


Food and drink is a topic that is everybody’s favorite. Infect everybody has a clear idea which food and drink items are awesome.

Many of us are also pretty much familiar that what among those meals are phenomenal for commencing the perfect diet plan.

I hope you are eager to know about the global kitchen expert’s choices?

What are the new recipes which can give you an awesome mouth-watering experience?

If you are already a kitchen expert then with the help of our amazing trivia questions related to food and drink you can increase your knowledge.

Especially if you pursue a career as a cook and if you are a housewife.

I hope these questions are useful for you for making your kitchen filled with more delicious food.

Our food and drinks quiz will also test your knowledge of well-renowned food and drink recipes pretty much common in your locality.

With our food and drink amazing trivia quiz you can greet your appetite with new recipes of new food and drink items that you have never tried.


Is it running in your mind that your general trivia questions and answers are not free?

Your general trivia questions and answers are free. You can enjoy great fun free of cost.

Are you coming up with the idea that your trivia questions and answers must be downloadable?

You’re thinking right! That is why we have made sure that our general trivia questions and answers must be downloadable for the convenience of our audience.

Do you think converting your general trivia questions and answers to another format is good?

Some people like PDF and some like word so for this reason your general trivia questions and answers are convertible.

Do you think printing your trivia questions and answers is a good idea?

It’s a fact that printing your general trivia question is a good idea because you can take hard copies of any place where you can enjoy general trivia questions and answers.